Autumn, time for routes and activities in a sea of colors in the north of Spain

Autumn, time for routes and activities in a sea of colors in the north of Spain

Beneath the green of chlorophyll, the first colours of autumn have been waiting all summer to become visible. The yellows and oranges that the leaves reveal when the chlorophyll fades come from xanthophylls and carotenes.

Fallen leaves make a dream landscape, a natural carpet and a joy for the eyes.

Therefore autumn is a wonderful season for trekking, mycological routes…. In fact, it is probably the best time for walking, thanks to the unique colours of the landscapes, the still mild temperatures and the fact that the routes are less crowded.  The ideal time of the year to enjoy the warm coloured landscapes, the brightness and the characteristic smells of the first rains.

Going out in the mountains and practising your favourite sport is a great option for this time of year, but we must bear in mind that this is a transitional season, and therefore we must know the particularities of the mountains in autumn.

Naturalimits can offer you this and much more!


Plan your day well, it’s autumn.


First of all, it is important to start your excursions early, because It is important that your route has daylight. So keep in mind that in autumn the day is shorter, and the hours of daylight are reduced.

Equip yourself correctly.


Good equipment is essential


Think about the size and weight of your rucksack, and bear in mind that you will be carrying it for the duration of the hike.  Above all fill it with the essentials, mainly a water bottle, food that can help you, such as nuts or fruit; a flashlight, your mobile battery recharged and if you prefer  trekking poles.

Also, think about using good sports shoes, and wearing thermal and breathable T-shirts, as well as a sweatshirt and a windbreaker or waterproof jacket for cold, rain or humidity.

Find out about the weather


For hiking and trekking, it is essential to check the weather forecast beforehand.

In autumn it doesn’t freeze, but it can be cold or rainy, so it’s important to take note of any weather warnings and know what to expect.

It is a time when it is common for colder air masses to start arriving, interacting with the summer heat and causing strong storms. The average temperature in our country in autumn is 15.4ºC (reference period 1981-2010) and the average rainfall is 195 mm.


Activities not to be missed with Naturalimits this Autumn in the north of Spain:


Deer rutting in autumn

Autumn routes

Deer rutting floods the forest


Enjoy an incomparable natural spectacle. Enjoy a different activity with Naturalimits in direct contact with nature. Immerse yourself in the mountains, enjoy the spectacular landscapes and an event, the rutting of the deer, which comes to its annual appointment at the beginning of autumn.

The deer  rutting floods the forests.

Behold the dawn of autumn.  The ascent to the mountain begins. Arrive at the sighting area, organise the group, receive the last instructions from the guides and move as quietly as possible to increase the chances of sightings.

Walk through incomparable landscapes, enjoying the sunrise or sunset on the mountain. Spectacular views, pure nature…

And suddenly… The spectacle begins. Groups of females before your eyes, males appearing, emitting loud bellows, seeking to demonstrate their power to become dominant in the herd. Watch them, photograph them, listen to them, immerse yourself in the experience with all five senses, with Naturalimits.

If you only want to do the activity, a deer rutting excursion, you can also do it.

The rut usually lasts about 25 days, between September and October.


Mycological routes in autumn
Hiking among chestnuts, mushrooms and walnuts


It is true that we can find mushrooms all year round, but it is in autumn when we can enjoy a greater quantity and variety: mushrooms, boletus, chanterelles, trumpets of the dead, … A rich diversity that never ceases to surprise us and that allows us to play with all kinds of recipes for all kinds of palates.

Autumn routes


Cooking and tasting them is a pleasure, but so is collecting them for more and more mycology enthusiasts. This practice extends almost all over the country, and it is in these months when it reaches its maximum expression. Naturalimits knows countless mycological routes of great beauty throughout the Cantabrian Mountains.

The flavours of autumn

In autumn, eat chestnuts! Chestnuts are the autumn nut par excellence. This is the time of year when the paths are full of dry leaves and small «hedgehogs» full of chestnuts.

When talking about the properties of chestnuts, we can see that in comparison to most nuts, where carbohydrates are low in content, chestnuts are characterised by a high percentage of carbohydrates and of higher quality. They are also high in fibre, essential minerals and vitamins.

For this reason, it is often said that chestnuts are more like a cereal than a nut. However, we can understand why not so long ago and in times of famine and scarcity this nut was used as the main source of sustenance. A small quantity of nuts provided a lot of energy.

Autumn routes

Autumn fruit harvest

The chestnut trees dress the forest in oranges, golds and yellows and the light barely penetrates the forest, where the few rays of sunlight that do make it through create almost magical trails. It is a unique experience, more than recommendable, especially if you are a lover of forests, nature and the colours of autumn.

Mushrooms in autumn

Coniferous, oak and chestnut forests sound like the ideal home for mushrooms. As you can see, the wise Mother Nature is already taking care of bringing chestnuts and mushrooms together in perfect harmony.

Autumn is here and so is the new nut harvest! This is the perfect time of year to accompany your meals with this delicious nut. Nuts will not only provide you with the energy you need with the arrival of cold weather, but they also contain healthy fats that will help you regulate your cholesterol levels during this period when more calorific dishes, such as stews or soups, are included in your diet.


Tell us what kind of adventure you are looking for and Naturalimits can make it happen with specialised advice and the best services!!!
In all our outings, healthy, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly experiences.


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