This trip is a genuine experience, yet a responsible trip in one of the wildest and best preserved corners of the Cantabrian mountain range and Europe. It is a nature reserve and home to a multitude of animal species such as grouse, griffon vultures, deer, wolves and, of course, brown bears. With our qualified mountain guide and will take you trekking on the best routes to observe the Cantabrian brown bear roaming free in the Cantrabrian range. We will also enjoy the landscape, culture, food and people of the area.  

This is an authentic trip, where we will visit amazing story towns, interact with the locals and get to know their traditions and customs. 

osos en somiedo


The best seasons to observe the Cantabrian brown bear are in spring and summer. The bears that come out of hibernation need to feed themselves and in these seasons, they can be seen in green areas because herbaceous plants are their main food source, together with some carrion. After hibernation they need to put on weight in order to recover from hibernation, which is why its common to see bears roaming in open spaces. 

The fact that it is rutting season plays an important role; the males chase the females and the activity and movement of bears is higher than in any other season in the year. During the first weeks of autumn the deer start to bellow. This is, without a shadow of doubt, a very special time to come to the Cantabrian range and enjoy this magnificent mating ritual of the deer.

Leon’s Cathedral


This is a responsible trip  on the wildest and most spectacular trekking routes through the Cantabrian range. One of the most authentic enclaves of the Cantabrian Range, in the environment and habitat of the brown bear. We will see different types of ecosystems, food, tracks and trails of wild animals. Enjoying a walk and the unique environment is something essential to each route that we go on in Cantabrian Range. 

Our wildlife guide and tour leader  is responsible for accompanying you all the time on the trails and teaching you about anything to do with the sighting of animals in the natural park. Furthermore, we will advise you about the places of interest, the typical gastronomy of the region and other possible excursions. 


Enjoy the amazing Madrid; discover the beautiful and impressive Leon’s Cathedral and the Avila’s Wall.


Arrival at Madrid airport. Meet and great for your tour leader and wildlife guide.  Pick up and transfer to Cantabrian Natural Park.  

We recommend you arrival time before 11.00 am . During the route, we will make a brief stop in Leon to visit the most beautiful cathedral in Spain.Its construction started in 1205, it was built under Gothic style and inspired in the French Cathedral from Reims. Typical local  dinner and rest. – RURAL HOTEL 


Breakfast and excursion in the morning to observe the Cantabrian brown bear. After the sighting we will trek towards the famous and authentic Braña de Mumian, where it is not difficult to see chamois, roe deer and many species of birds. The trail is slightly up-hill with spectacular views of the  area and valleys. When we get to the Braña de Mumian we will observe some olleras” (ancient ice-boxes built of stone), which were used in the past to preserve milk at a low temperature. We will then stop to enjoy the view and have a picnic lunch 

Return to the hotel and free time.  In the afternoon, we will have the privilege of receiving in our hotel one of the best specialists in Europe in the conservation of the brown bear in the wild, who, from its prestigious FAPAS organization, studies and protects species in danger of extinction We will carry out an activity in favor of conservation and the environment. 


escursion al lago
osos en somiedo


Breakfast and excursion in the morning to observe the Cantabrian brown bear roaming free. After the sighting, we will visit the Eco museumwhich will allow us to see the traditional way of life of the cowboys of Cantabrian Range. It exhibits a form of life which for centuries took advantage of a sometimes hostile environment, preserving all its environmental wealth and creating a unique landscape where human impact in the form of brañas (traditional dwellings), mills and olleras. 

 We will trek through one of the most spectacular areas of the Cantabrian Range, named Braña de la Pornacal (summer pasture land). It is the largest and best preserved part of the Valley, an unrivalled setting. We start the trek in Villar de Vildas, an ancient town, and we will follow the Pigueña River contemplating the luxuriant woods, beech trees and green fields until we reach the Braña de la Pornacal.  

Possibility of seeing trails, tracks and Cantabrian brown bear. (4:00 hour trek + picnic approx.)  Picnic Lunch.  In the afternoon, we will hold a local food workshop with tasting of products from the Cantabrian Range. 

excursion por la montaña
excursion por la montaña


Trek to Lagos de Saliencia-Valle del Lago. Marvellous route through one of the most authentic enclaves of Cantabrian Range. We will see impressive lakes, luxuriant woods, green fields and wild nature all along this route. We will start the walk by way of an old path to an iron mine. We will pass by the famous Lago de la Cueva, here the horizon unfolds and the splendid fields of Cerveriz and its Lago (lake) can be seen. We then go to the great lake of Calabazosa, the largest of the three. En route it is not difficult to observe chamois, roe deer and many species of birds. (Area and habitat of the Iberian wolf). When we finish the trek we will end at the genuine and pretty village of the Valle del Lago where we will have a reservation in a typical Asturian restaurant, to taste the exquisite dishes, stews, butter beans, chops and excellent desserts. All accompanied by Asturian cider. (4:30 hour trek approx.).   

 Farewell meal in the Cantabrian Range. For those interested (optional, at the end of the afternoon we can visit the Wolf Housean interpretation centre that puss in value one of the most emblematic species of SpainThe visit can be completed with a guided walk of approximately 1.5 km on the banks of the Pigüeña River to the enclosure where three Iberian wolf specimens live and you can see first hand what was explained in the center (Optional visit at the afternoon)  



Departure to Madrid in our private vehicle. En route, we will make a brief stop in Avila, to visit the impressive wall; a Romanesque military fence that surrounds the old town of the Spanish city of Avila.  Free time for lunch and photos.  Check in Madrid and walk tour in the afternoon (2 hours) .  



Check out and  transfer to the airportFarewell  




horseback riding , visit The House of Wolf , …  

We will provide information about other possible activities and recommendations of local cuisine, restaurants, treks and trails, for people to do in their free time. 

All activities and itineraries of this program may be altered at the time or, in extreme cases, suspended due to weather conditions or other causes preventing safe execution. 

excursion por la montaña
excursion por la montaña


  • 7 days / 6 nights shared accommodations in boutique hotels and rural hotels  
  • 6 breakfasts  
  • 1 typical lunches 
  • 1 welcome dinner  
  • 2 picnics 
  • Walking tour in Madrid (2 hours)  
  • Local Gastronomy  cooking workshop 
  • Hiking and bear watching  
  • 1 activity for the protection of wild animals 
  • Delicious and authentic Spanish meals 
  • Explore Spain‘s world famous Gastronomy 
  • Private ground transportation throughout Basque Country, France  and La Rioja 
  • Madrid Airport pick-up upon arrival 
  • Tour lider/guide all of the trip. Expert in nature – specialized license.  
  • Personal recommendations for optional activities 
  • Taxes always included, never hidden fees, & NO blackout dates

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