Certified Mountain Guide

I have always been fascinated with nature and animals. I have been traveling all over the world to observe and learn from nature for years.
Now I want to share it with you.
Will you travel with me?

Our priority is to respect the flora and fauna of the place.
Where we walk during our trip, we only leave our footprints and we only bring back our photographs.

Guía montaña / Trekking

Naturalimits is not a standard travel or excursion company. I offer unique nature experiences. This is my personal project in which passion, love and respect for the environment and wildlife are the centerpieces. As a mountain guide, I complete my services of trekking, climbing or hiking with customized trips at national and international levels and the promotion of tourism in the Basque Country with my service ” Tour guide Basque Country” and “Gastronomic and culture route Basque Country”.

The objective is for everyone to enjoy what nature offers, giving the opportunity to learn about different countries and environments in a completely different way and combining adventure, plant and animal wildlife, and environment. I always work with small groups to be able to give full and quality service, respecting the habitat and enjoying the experience together.

What places would you like to experience?

Customized vacations: My training and experience as a mountain guide includes arranging custom travel. This is for anyone who is interested in practicing activities such as hiking, trekking or climbing at a specific place on the planet. You won’t have to worry about anything. I will organize the travel, routes and everything you need to make it a trip of a lifetime. I will be with you at all times, helping you enjoy the experience. Simply tell me where you want to go.

Active tourism / Tourism Euskadi Basque Country: One of my goals is to promote tourism in the Basque Country and unveil all the natural wonders that it hides. My homeland has places you must see for climbing, trekking, and hiking… such as Gorbea, Amboto, Txindoki, Aizkorri, coastal routes, etc. Outdoors, you can enjoy the rich ecosystem that Basque country offers to visitors and locals through my service “Tour guide Basque Country”. As well as discover gastronomic and culture routes in the Basque Country that are a fundamental part to understand Basque society,

European Peaks: Closer to home, we also have natural spaces that all lovers of outdoor leisure must experience. This is the case of Parque Nacional Picos de Europa (European Peaks National Park) in Asturias. This national park offers a wide variety of fauna and flora. The many types of trees that coexist there have special relevance. There are also well-known protected species, seldom seen in person, such as brown bears or wolves.

Travel to Canada: Who has not wished to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains? Words cannot describe this unique place. This is a nature sanctuary where beauty is in every plant, rock and tree. Travel with me across meadows, mountains and lakes. We will observe the flora and wild fauna as we practice hiking, trekking and climbing in Canada… Being with an expert mountain guide, you will have the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments with one of the world’s most admired species: the grizzly bear.

What can you learn with me?

In addition to outdoor leisure services, I also offer training in mountaineering techniques and equipment. When you perform activities in nature, unexpected events may arise, to which you must know how to react. That is why it is important to have some knowledge.

Use of GPS, first aid, safety techniques, handling skiing and mountain tools and materials… These are some of the things I can teach you so that you can enjoy activities without any risk or mishap.
I assess your training needs. Based on this, I will prepare you so that you can master all the knowledge required for the activity or activities you want to perform. This way you can take advantage of every second to the maximum and without concerns.

Nature is my passion and I want it to also be yours so you can enjoy the wonderful experience of connecting with the ecosystem that surrounds us. We will explore inhospitable places and places of the planet in a different, authentic way. And you will be surprised with cities and towns through my service “Tour guide Basque Country” and the gastronomic and culture routes in the Basque Country.

Being a mountain guide isn’t a job, it is a vocation. And I want to share it with you.