Aizkorri, from the sanctuary of Arantzazu


Duration:* 5h 30min.
Accumulated Unevenness: 875m
Type of route: circular
Difficulty: moderated
Distance: 18,9km

Observations about the route
There is the possibility of stopping on the way back to the picnic area where you can eat delicious local dishes the exquisite Idiazabal cheese.

Route description, clothing and material

The Aizkorri, although not the highest summit (1528 m), is the most popular one. This is due to the beauty of the landscapes that can be enjoyed thanks to the route from the sanctuary of Arantzazu. A path where you can see Elorrola Hill and the Campas de Urbía, where the refuge and the hermitage are located. These fields have been pastures since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the megalithic monuments found here.

Along with the Majada de Arbelar and its huts, it is part of a large limestone mass that extends from east to west, forming the line of the Duranguesado Mountains and belongs to the Aitzkorri-Aratz natural park. On the way to the top you can find beech, oak, and calcareous rocks; with luck, we will also be able to see golden eagles, Egyptian vultures and griffon vultures. And most importantly, the Summit of Mount Aizkorri where we find its great cross, an axe-shaped mailbox, the Federation’s refuge and the hermitage of Santo Cristo, where a crucifix considered to be miraculous.

We recommend a minimum physical level and adequate clothing. We recommend that you bring sunscreen, a rain jacket, warm clothing (thermal t-shirt, fleece jacket, feather jacket, gloves, hat), shoes suitable for mountain and water bottle (the guide will advise you as to which clothes to take, depending on the season)

Lunch-picnic: Snacks, chocolates, fruit, soft drinks, etc.



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