Amboto from Urkiola


Duration:* 5h
Accumulated Unevenness: 807m
Type of route: circular
Difficulty: Moderated
Distance: 12km

Observations about the route
There is the possibility after the route of going to have a snack/dinner at a good restaurant in the outskirts of Amboto.

Route description, clothing and material

It is one of the most important mountains in the Basque Country, not only because of its geographical importance, but also because of its cultural importance.  Basque Mythology establishes it as the main dwelling place of the lady of Amboto Mari, turning it into an almost sacred mount. The summit of Amboto (1337m) is the highest one in the Sierra de Amboto or Montes del Duranguesado, also known as “Little Switzerland “, which are part of the Urkiola Natural Park. It is an immense mass of very compact and light-grey reef limestone, which contains remains of coral and large shells.

Our route starts from the Urkiola Sanctuary, 700 metres up; here you can also find the interpretation centre and some places to eat and sleep. During the journey, we will encounter forests of limestone rock, beech and holm oaks, as well as radiata-pine forest plantations. An important colony of griffin vultures exists and normally you can see them flying in the park.

At the top, the most noticeable features are the axe mailbox and, above all, the magnificent 360º views.

There is also a geodesic block in ruins. We recommend a minimum physical level and adequate clothing. We recommend that you bring sunscreen, a rain jacket, warm clothing (thermal t-shirt, fleece jacket, jacket type feathers, gloves, hat), shoes suitable for mountain and bottle for water (The guide will advise  you as to which clothes to take, depending on the season of the year)

Lunch-picnic: Snacks, chocolates, fruit, soft drinks, etc.



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