Duration:* 5h 30'
Accumulated Unevenness: 885m
Type of route: Circular
Difficulty: Moderated
Distance: 20,42km

Observations about the route
If you wish, the route can be finished by eating at a typical restaurant in the area

Route description, clothing and material

The Mount Gorbea (1481m), Gorbeia in Basque, is the highest peak in the mountain range of the same name, located in the Basque mountains, between the provinces of Alava and Vizcaya, in the Basque Country. The top has been crowned since 1899 with a metal cross, of which there have been different versions. The current one measures 17.23 m. It is a point of reference for Basque mountaineering and the heart of the Gorbea Natural Park.

It is one of the five ‘horn’ mountains of Vizcaya, where general assemblies were summoned by bonfires and the playing of horns.

In the beech and oak forests there are prehistoric buildings which remind us that these lands have been inhabited by man since the beginning of time. It is traditional to climb the Gorbea on the last and first day of the year where hundreds of people drinking champagne, wine or cider meet at the cross. There is a mailbox where you can leave cards in the mountain competitions next to the cross and the Virgin of Begoña, installed by Athletic Club in 1926, who looks down at Vizcaya.

The ascent can be done from different slopes, one of the proposals is to do it from Sarria, where it starts from the Interpretation Centre of the Gorbea Natural Park and continues along the Baias path, crossing the Baias River, sometimes with the help of two bridges. Until reaching the final climb towards the cross.

We recommend a minimum physical level and adequate clothing. We recommend that you bring sunscreen, a rain jacket, warm clothing (thermal t-shirt, fleece jacket, feather jacket, gloves, hat), shoes suitable for mountain and bottle for water (the guide will advise you as to which clothes to take, depending on the season)

Lunch-picnic: Snacks, chocolates, fruit, soft drinks, etc.



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