¡Basque Country, get to know it! Trekking, gastronomy and culture

¡Basque Country, get to know it! Trekking, gastronomy and culture



I offer you an unforgettable experience, in one of the most authentic places in the North of Spain, the Basque Country.

The Basque Country is home to spectacular nature, as many natural parks and biosphere reserves, amazing beaches surrounded by nature, beautiful coastal destinations such as San Sebastian, Zarautz, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, and Getxo.

 Guggenheim Museum Naturalimits

Guggenheim Museum in Basque Country

One of the best gastronomies in the world, where you can taste its wines and its famous «pintxos», small delicacies of haute cuisine offered in the bars, as well as numerous restaurants, with some of the best chefs of the new Spanish cuisine.

Architecture and culture go hand in hand in the Basque Country, with avant-garde buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum, the spectacular Suspension Bridge (Unesco World Heritage Site), amazing castles and palaces, as well as an ancient culture, make the Basque Country a perfect visit, an authentic experience where you can enjoy nature, gastronomy and culture.






Mountain routes in the Basque Country with Naturalimits

Route in the Amboto with Naturalimits

We offer you the most authentic, spectacular and responsible trekking routes in the Basque Country.

Enjoying a unique landscape and environment is an essential part of every route I do. As an expert mountain guide, I am in charge of accompanying you at all times on the routes, as well as guiding you and advising you on the best gastronomic and cultural places of interest.

This tour offers you a wide and detailed vision of the natural, cultural and of course gastronomic wonders that the Basque Country offers to the visitor. We will discover the best corners of the most emblematic mountains, indissoluble icons of the Basque identity.


The Basque Country is a land of contrasts, from the rough Cantabrian Sea to the plains of Alava, through impressive limestone massifs. Undoubtedly, this variety of landscapes is accompanied by a rich natural biodiversity as well as a wide range of cultures and customs within the historical territory itself.

Basque Country has all the greenery you need to reconnect with nature. You will experience a real adventure visiting green forests, high cliffs and impossible rock formations. A large number of places of extraordinary nature, whether with the sound of the wind in its mountains, the silence of its forests, or the swaying of the waves of the sea, with Naturalimits you will find what you need to reconnect with the environment, always with the utmost respect and in a sustainable way.



«At Naturalimits our maxim is to respect the local flora and fauna.  Wherever we go, we leave only the footprints and take only the photos with us.»



The gastronomy of the Basque Country is the set of gastronomic traditions and culinary recipes typical of this region. It is very wide and varied, made with very diverse ingredients from the Cantabrian Sea and the interior. In the Basque Country, bars and restaurants offer the popularly known «pintxos», a tradition especially revered in this region, which acquire special characteristics and a special art.

Naturalimits accompanies you in the Basque Country to taste its gastronomy

¨Pintxos» one of the jewels of our gastronomy.

With a perfect combination of three factors: raw materials, passion for cooking and a lot of dedication and effort, we obtain what we know as Basque gastronomy;


From a gastronomic point of view, the Basque Country is a top tourist destination. A coastal and border community, whose culinary richness and diversity are due to the mixture of seafaring customs and a mountain culture, with a modern signature cuisine of the highest quality, which has emerged in recent decades with the appearance of the so-called New Basque Cuisine. But, above all, it is due to the peculiar character of the Basque people, so devoted to their traditions and a lover of food, around which much of social life revolves.

To complete this fantastic gastronomic tour, we cannot forget its famous Txakoli, a white wine with denomination of origin Basque Country, which is undoubtedly the undisputed king of all its taverns and taverns.



Basque culture is one of the most ancient in the world. In addition to its language, the Basque language, and other characteristic symbols such as the txapela or its ball game, this rich culture holds many other secrets.

Sports in the Basque Country with Naturalimits

Aizkolaris Championship in the Basque Country

On the other hand, the associated strength of its inhabitants, with demonstrations in all its sporting disciplines, contrasts with an enormous tradition of dancing and singing.  Most typical dances are the Fandango, the Mutxikos and the open or closed chain dances. The «Irrintzi«, for its part, represents the unmistakable traditional Basque (a capella) singing.


The aforementioned physical strength is reflected in some of the local sporting disciplines. The cutting of logs with an axe (aizkolaritza), stone lifting (harrijasoketa) or rope throwing (soka-tira). Even today, tournaments of all these activities continue to be held with a large number of participants and crowds. To all of them, we must add Basque pelota, its most popular sport.



Naturalimits is not an ordinary travel or excursion company. We offer unique experiences in the heart of nature.  A personal project where passion, love, respect for the environment and wildlife are the centrepieces.


Trekking in the Aizkorri Natural Park with Naturalimits.

Naturalimits with a group on the summit of Aizkorri.

The aim is that everyone can enjoy what nature has to offer, through sustainable tourism. Combining adventure, plant and animal wildlife and the environment.


On the other hand, that is why I always work with small groups, in order to provide a complete and high quality service. Respecting the habitat and enjoying the experience together.

Tailor-made trips:Within our training and experience as qualified guides, we prepare tailor-made trips. For anyone who is interested in sustainable tourism, and practice activities such as hiking, trekking, hiking or climbing. You won’t have to worry about anything. We will take care of organising the trip, the routes and everything you need to make it an unforgettable trip. We will be with you every step of the way and make it easy for you to enjoy the whole experience. Just tell us where you want to go.


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