Wildlife in Asturias, a unique experience in Northern Spain

Avistamiento de fauna en Asturias / wildlife in Asturias

Wildlife in Asturias, a unique experience in Northern Spain

Discover wildlife in Asturias

We offer you a unique experience in Northern Spain.Wildlife in Asturias is a responsible trip in one of the most authentic and best preserved areas in Europe.

Wildlife in Asturias is shown in its maximum splendor. In this Biosphere reserve of the Somiedo Natural Park,refuge of many animal species; grouse, griffon, vulture, deer, wolves and of course brown bears, inhabit the depths of the forest.

Not only do we want to limit ourselves to the observation of bears in the wild, we want to transmit and disseminate values for the conservation of wildlife in Asturias.

Given the importance and pride of maintaining these wild habitats, and of having bears in our forest and mountains, we have designed this responsible tourism trip.

We are expert nature guides

In fact, we are qualified mountain guides.We take you to the best interpretative routes, trekkings, and to observe the rich and varied wildlife in Asturias.

Our goal is for the client to return home after having enjoyed and authentic experience.

We give importance to natural spaces, spreading what they represent.

A priority is that the client enjoy the landscapes, culture, gastronomy, and people.On this trip we offer the wildest, responsible, and spectacular trekking routes within the Somiedo Natural Park, one of the most authentic enclaves of the Cantabrian Range.

In the brown bear environment and habitat, we differentiate the types of ecosystems, food, footprints, and traces of wild animals.

Enjoying a unique landscape and environment in a responsible way is essential in every route we take on this journey of wildlife in Asturias. As expert guides that we are, we take care of accompanying you all times on the outings and showing you the best hiking routes.

It’s very important for us to avoid  concentration of people, so as not to disturb the animals.

In addition to this, we will advise you on other places of interest, typical gastronomy of the region, and other activities. The average duration of each excursion( morning and afternoon) it may vary on what the client wants.


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